Women’s Health Resource Center opens up in Ferizaj

In an official ceremony today, the doors of Women’s Health Resource Center open up in the Family Medicine Center II in Ferizaj. The center will provide much-needed direct education to women and their partners on many health topics including pregnancy and childcare. These centers have been made possible with the cooperation of the Department of Health and Social Welfare of the Municipality of Ferizaj, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Foundation and Action for Mothers and Children.

In the opening ceremony, Dr. Burim Karameta, Director of the Department of Health and Social Welfare, emphasized that such a center is crucial to our health institutions and improvement of maternal and child health through education. On this occasion Dr. Karameta re-emphasized the strong support of the Department of Health and Social Welfare for this initiative for AMC and FMC II in Ferizaj. Dr. Asllan Bajrami, director of the Main Family Medicine Center in Ferizaj declared that such initiatives are always welcome that will help improve healthcare provided for mothers and children. Representatives of AMC declared that establishment of such a center has been made possible through a lot of work and support of our US friends and will offer counseling and educational services for women and also their partners, in a comfortable room setting designed specifically in a colorful and warm environment.

A month ago, two Women’s Health Resource Centers were opened up in Prishtina, and today the third center is launched in Ferizaj. Action for Mothers and Children aims to expand such educational centers in other municipalities in the future as well to help improve mother and child health through educational programs and infrastructure.

The opening event today was closed with a cocktail and received massive media attention.