Two Women’s Health Resource Centers opened in Prishtina

In Gynecology Obstetrics Clinic at UCCK, and Family Medicine Center IV in Prishtina, in an official ceremony, the doors of Women’s Health Resource Centers opened. These centers will provide much-needed direct education to women and their partners on many health topics including pregnancy and childcare. These centers have been made possible with cooperation with the Ministry of Health, University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Municipality of Prishtina, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Foundation.

On the opening of the center at UCCK, Dr. Imet Rrahmani, Minister of Health of the Republic of Kosovo emphasized that such a center is crucial to our health institutions. “The Ministry is supported by Action for Mothers and Children and is very grateful to their continuous support to improve maternal and child health in Kosovo.” Dr. Curr Gjocaj, the Executive Director at UCCK highlighted that it is a top priority for them to improve mother and child health, and such a center providing the much-needed education is very important.

Ms. Ardiana Bunjaku, Chair of the Board at Action for Mothers and Children stated that establishment of such a center has been made possible through a lot of work and support of our US friends and will offer counseling and educational services for women and also their partners.
Dr. Myrvete Pacarada, Director of Gynecology Unit at UCCK also expressed her gratefulness to Action for making possible such an infrastructure to educate women.

On the opening of Family Medicince Center number 4, the Director of Health and Social Welfare Department of Municipality of Prishtina brought to attention that reproductive health is the basis for a healthy society and as such it is our duty to make sure proper information and education is offered ahead.

The opening events were closed with a cocktail and received massive media attention.