Teshavesha is a social enterprise founded by Action for Mothers and Children that operates with the main goal of raising funds to support the  programs of AMC . Founded in 2016, thanks to the contribution of our community, Teshavesha has gradually developed, and today two stores operate in Pristina. The shop receives clothing donations from the citizens and clothing companies free of charge, which are then sold at symbolic prices. 

In addition to its charitable and social objectives, Teshavesha also strives to contribute towards reducing environmental pollution by promoting the reuse and recycling of textile materials and products. 

Teshavesha is not only dedicated to raising funds for its cause, but it is also committed to empowering marginalized women by offering them employment opportunities through its thrift shops. The Social Enterprise operates entirely on the goodwill of community members who donate their gently used clothing items.

Overall, the donation of clothes is a significant gesture of support from the community towards Teshavesha’s mission. It not only provides much-needed financial support but also helps tackle critical social and environmental issues faced by society.

To contribute to Teshavesha’s mission, citizens and businesses can donate their clothes to one of our stores, which are located in these locations:

Address 1:
Zahir Pajaziti Square, St. Edith Durham, Prishtinë no. 14 A, entrance 2, ground floor number 1
Contact number: +383 49 110 176
Address 2:
St. Ardian Krasniqi, Prishtinë
Contact number: +383 49 889 759 & +383 49 110 176.