AMC successfully launched the “Count Me In for Mothers and Children” Fundraising Gala Dinner in London

On February 9th, AMC initiated its inaugural fundraising event in London. This exclusive event took place at The Clermont London, Charing Cross and brought together the Kosovar community residing in London.

Over the years, AMC has successfully saved more than 5,000 newborn lives by providing the “Surfactant” medication and CPAP, while also providing free PAP Tests through the Cervical Cancer Screening Program for approximately 15,000 women and girls. In addition to these life-saving efforts, AMC has donated medicaments and medical equipment valued at 3 million euros and established 18 Women’s Health Resource Centers to support mothers with vital resources. 

The “Count Me In for Mothers and Children” fundraising gala dinner sought to continue this legacy of positive change. Funds raised during the event will support AMC’s ongoing projects designed to enhance maternal and child health in Kosovo, aiming for a sustained impact on healthcare in the country. 

During the evening, attendees were treated to an outstanding live performance by Edona Reshitaj & Band, participated in a silent auction led by Burbuqe Bakalli, an artist and supporter of AMC, and engaged with speeches delivered by keynote speakers.

Mr. Valon Xharra, Vice Chairman of the Board of AMC, extended a warm welcome to all attendees during the inaugural fundraising event. He underscored the significant role of AMC in Kosovo’s healthcare system, emphasizing its impact and importance. Mr. Xharra shared his own personal experience of his son’s premature birth in Los Angeles, USA, highlighting the indispensable support his son received during that critical time. Valon expressed his desire for every child to have access to such support, emphasizing his belief in its achievability through unity.

Ms. Eranda Kabashi Kapiti, the event’s co-host, stressed the significance of non-profit organizations like AMC and the transformative potential of gatherings like this in enhancing Kosovo’s healthcare system. Ms. Kabashi Kapiti shared a heartfelt narrative about premature twins born in a Kosovo hospital, highlighting the crucial assistance they received through medical interventions like Survanta medication, CPAP therapy, and incubators—all generously provided by AMC. She proceeded to display a photograph of the now thriving twins, exemplifying the positive impact of such support on their well-being.

During his speech, Mr. Ilir Kapiti, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the United Kingdom, extended his gratitude to the attendees for their support of AMC and offered congratulations to AMC for its pioneering work.

Last but not least, Ms. Burbuqe Bakalli, an artist and cancer survivor, recounted her personal journey of confronting cancer and how her needle artwork became a source of comfort and strength throughout her treatment. Burbuqe also underscored the significance of AMC’s Cervical Cancer Screening Program, highlighting its role in aiding numerous women through early cancer detection.

AMC extends its sincere appreciation to the event’s donors, which include Illyrian Grill House, Julian Hand Car Wash dhe Lifestyle Diagnostix. AMC also expresses its appreciation to the attendees for their unwavering support and trust in the organization. 

The event was a celebration of AMC’s exceptional accomplishments and the beginning of a path toward a future where the health and well-being of mothers and children know no borders.