The 10th Health Resource Center “Mothers’ Classes” opens up in Klinë

31 August 2018, Klinë

We are so pleased to open the doors of the Women’s Health Resource Center “Mother’s Classes” in Klinë, at the Main Family Medicine Center, in an official ceremony today. This initiative has been made possible thanks to the Ministry of Health and the cooperation of the Department of Health and Social Welfare of the Municipality of Klina, QKMF and the Action for Mother and Child.

We have looked forward to the opening of Mothers Classes in the Family Medicine Center in Klina since this is an extraordinary opportunity to give accurate information to mothers and  their partners for a better health of their own and their babies “said Dr. Hekuran Sejdiu, director of the health department in the municipality of Klina.

“The establishment of the 10th  Resource Center in Klina will provide free educational services, physical and psychological support to women and their partners, as well as counseling sessions on childcare, post-natal depression, breastfeeding, baby nutrition, immunization, and more. We are pleased that the number of mothers that are interested for these classes is increasing every day and the demand for the Mothers Classes is quite high” said Labërie Çarreti Sylejmani, the representative of Action for Mothers and Children.

The health resource center in Klina is opened every day and available to all the women in Klina, as well as their partners. The schedule of the sessions will be published on monthly basis in the MFMC in Klina, in Action for Mothers and Children’s official website, and throughout social media platforms.

This is the second center that is being opened during 2018, and since 2014 the year when this program was established, the Mother’s Classes has been extended and available in 9 municipalities of Kosovo: Prishtina, Ferizaj, Mitrovica, Prizren, Kaçanik, Peja, Shtërpcë, Dragash and now in Klina.