“Run for Hearts” supports mothers and children

In order to raise money to help improve maternal and child health in Kosovo, as part of international Prishtina half-marathon, the fundraising event “Run for Hearts” is organised.

Prishtina, 3 Maj 2015-
As a result of high interest of marathons for the 2015 edition of Prishtina Half Marathon and goodhearted local and international participant, “Action for Mothers and Children” organises its fundraising event that will support AMC’s mission to help improve maternal and child health in Kosovo.

“Special events were citizens take part and join our cause is another fundraising tool that AMC uses and in this case I believe it is in line with the concept of Prishtina Half Marathon that takes part every May, to run for a good cause” – states Mrika Aliu, Executive Director of Action for Mothers and Children. She continues, “this year we will be having several fundraising events and AMC is very grateful to all those runners who on Prishtina half marathon day choose to buy the AMC T-shirt and run for hearts, with heart.”

To be part of Amchealth.org running team, interested runners can pass by our pop-up shop in front of the National Theatre in Prishtina every day until May 10 from 9.00 through 18.00, purchase the T-shirt for Eur 10, Eur 20, or more and run for hearts on the Prishtina Half-Marathon day on May 10, 2015.

Initiators of the “Runner for Hearts” event are studio Bllok.org, Trembelat, and is supported strongly by InterSport Kosova.