AMC donated Pap-Test materials for the Institute of Pathology Anatomy

30 Mars 2018, Prishtinë

Today, Action for Mothers and Children donated Pap- Test materials for the Institute of Pathology Anatomy of the Clinical Center University of Kosovo. This donation was part of the Cervical Cancer Screening Program.

The Cervical Cancer Screening Program started in 2016 and its aim was piloting the cervical cancer screening within 3 Family Medicine Centers in Prishtina, and carrying out screening in approximately 2,000 women in this municipality, and developing the action plan for the municipality to make human and financial planning to build the screening program at the national level.

In 2016, this pilot project enabled for the first time the implementation of screening program at primary health care level and regulation of cooperation with the level of tertiary care, or the Institute of Pathological Anatomy at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo. With the dedication of the medical staff at the primary level, the project has enabled the training of 7 family medicine specialists in Prishtina to perform the Pap tests.

The successful realization of the project was made possible thanks to the cooperation between the Municipal Directorate for Health and Social Welfare of the Municipality of Prishtina, the National Board for Cancer Control, the Ministry of Health, the Main Family Medicine Center in Prishtina, the Institute of Pathology Anatomy of the Clinical Center University of Kosovo, United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA, World Health Organization – WHO, 700 for Science Foundation and Action for Mother and Children Initiative.