Simulation training for the Neonatal Transport System program are happening this week!

03 April 2018, Prishtina

Simulation training’s for the medical staff in the Neonatal Intensive Care units at UCCK, Prishtina, and regional hospitals in Peja, Gjakova and Gjilan are happening this week. These simulation training’s are contributing to a safe transportation for the newborn from the regional hospitals to the Neonatology Clinic in Prishtina.

The expert team from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in US are now in Kosovo to be part of the simulation training’s for safe newborn transport from the regional hospitals to the hospital in Prishtina.

“We are grateful to the Dartmouth team of experts and Action for Mothers and Children that always help us in our service-enhancing initiatives for our babies. This is a new service at our clinic and we are aiming to make this a healthcare model for newborn transportation  from regional hospitals to our clinic in UCCK” said Dr. Xhevdet Gojnovci, the director of Neonatology Clinic, Prishtina.

This program was initiated by the Neonatology Clinic in Prishtina and supported by the Ministry of Health, Solidar Suisse and the organization Action for Mothers and Children.