The Canadian Ambassador Daniel Maksymiuk visits the Women’s Health Resource Center ‘Mother’s Classes’

March 22, 2018 Prishtina

Today, the Canadian Ambassador Daniel Maksymiuk visited the Women’s Health Resource Center – ‘Mother’s Classes’ in the Gynecology / Obstetrics Clinic at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, where present was also the Minister of Health, Uran Ismaili .

‘Mother’s Classes’ is one of the programs of the Foundation ‘Action for Mothers and Children’, where the main purpose of this program is to educate women starting from family planning , early pregnancy through delivery and early post-partum period. Access to information remains crucial for a healthy pregnancy and healthy newborns. Women in this center receive pre and post-natal counseling information, also information about postnatal depression, breastfeeding, newborn care, baby nutrition, immunization, and child care.

In order to expand the Mother’s Classes Educational Curriculum, Action for Mothers and Children has been eligible to receive a grant from Canada Funds for Local Initiatives / CFLI. Thanks to this grant, the Mother’s Classes Educational Curriculum has expanded with the topic ” Nutrition and Obesity for Children 0-5 Years”. This development responds to the needs of many women and their partners in terms of the dilemmas associated with adequate nutrition for different ages, the risks of bad-nutrition, obesity prevention, and other topics related to nutrition and obesity. The grant also enabled the capacity building of primary health care staff for the mentioned subject, where 70 health workers were trained with a program accredited by the Ministry of Health in Kosovo. With the information received during the training, the counseling will be expanded to the Mother Classes, aiming to increase the number of beneficiaries of these classes.

The classes aim to raise awareness among mothers of how children’s nutrition reflects their overall health status, emphasizing that for each child, a variety of foods should be offered to their child for their growth and development.