Story of twins Ajla and Lian

Ajla and Lian, born prematurely and underweight, faced a difficult start to life. They spent their first few days in intensive care, receiving treatment in an incubator and using CPAP and Oxygen systems. The life-saving drug “Survanta” played a crucial role in strengthening their lungs and helping the breathing process. Survanta is essential for premature babies who lack surfactant, which helps the lungs work properly. The twins’ health improved significantly and they are now thriving with their grateful mother.

Survanta, this medication which has a vital role in premature babies. Premature babies who experience breathing problems lack surfactant – the liquid layer inside the lungs. Babies don’t usually start producing surfactant until a few weeks after birth. Without enough surfactant, the lungs collapse and premature babies can’t breathe. Therefore, Surfactant is essential in the prevention and treatment of RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and reduces the mortality rate caused by RDS.

Today, Ajla and Lian are doing well and are with their mother. Their health has improved significantly and they are growing up healthy with their parents.

The tearful mother of the twins expressed her immense gratitude to the health personnel for the treatment and care of the health staff and the AMC which, thanks to donors, made it possible to donate the life-saving medication and medical equipment benefiting not only Ajla and Lian, but also about 5,000 other babies a year in Kosovo.

From the donations of the AMC, there are about 2000 babies who use the Oxygen System every year, then through the clinics of the QKUK, over the years, medicines and medical equipment have been donated that exceed the amount of over 3 million euros. Only by the use of Surfactant and CPAP – donation of AMC – more than 5000 lives of babies in Kosovo have been saved. While the incubators have been used by more than 4,000 babies.

AMC through the successful cooperation with the international organization AmeriCares throughout these years has managed to donate Surfactant in Kosovo. AMC’s donations for the supply of Surfactant already cover the national needs in Kosovo for the treatment of premature and underweight babies.

Action for Mothers and Children is committed to better health of mothers and children in Kosovo. AMC’s mission is to save lives and improve the health of babies, mothers and children in the Republic of Kosovo. To achieve its mission, AMC implements various projects and programs that have a large and lasting impact on the health system and provide long-term solutions.