New journey: Mothers and newborns welcomed by health staff at postnatal Group Care session

In the heart of Vushtrri, a radiant celebration unfolded as mothers and midwives came together to mark a significant milestone in the transformative journey of GroupCare1000. This project, funded by the EU through the Horizon2020 program and implemented by AMC in collaboration with 11 international organizations, resonates with hope and vitality in the hearts of communities across Kosovo.

Group Care program is currently making a lasting impact, recently witnessing a heartwarming postnatal session. The air was filled with anticipation and joy as the first group of mothers, who had embarked on this journey hand in hand, proudly presented their newborns to the dedicated nurses who had been their guides and mentors.
Under the expansive umbrella of GroupCare1000, pregnant women in Vushtrri municipality found themselves immersed in a supportive community that extended beyond geographical boundaries. The program not only facilitated mutual learning from each other’s experiences but also incorporated diverse advice from healthcare professionals, creating a holistic approach to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

The midwives and nurses, were very excited by the sight of healthy, happy babies cradled in the arms of their mothers. The bonds formed during the sessions had transcended the realm of professional care, transforming into genuine connections built on trust, empathy, and shared dreams.

“As a nurse, Anjeza Haradinaj emphasizes the profound influence of offering holistic health services. It extends beyond addressing specific health issues; instead, it involves building connections, providing support, and maintaining a consistent presence during vulnerable moments. Nursing, according to Anjeza, embodies a commitment to empathy and expertise, contributing to meaningful experiences in the provision of comprehensive health care.”

In this gathering, stories unfolded – tales of sleepless nights, triumphs over challenges, and the overwhelming joy that accompanies the arrival of a newborn. The midwives and nurses, who had played a pivotal role in supporting these mothers, were now witnessing the tangible fruits of their collective efforts.

As Vushtrri municipality basks in the glow of this joyous occasion, GroupCare1000 stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, compassion, and shared experiences. It’s not merely a program; it’s a journey that illuminates the path to healthy pregnancies, vibrant communities, and the promise of new beginnings for mothers and their precious newborns.