“Empowering Pregnant Women for a Healthy Pregnancy: The Group Care during the first 1000 days Program”

We are delighted to provide support to new mothers who have participated in eight prenatal sessions and one postnatal session as part of the Group Care project. 💜🤱

Throughout these sessions, pregnant women have shared their experiences, attended various antenatal care topics, received advice, and received support from the midwives who facilitate these groups.

Mothers who have already given birth have expressed their gratitude and highly valued this project for pregnant women. They strongly encourage all pregnant women to register for the upcoming groups and attend these group sessions.

The project, known as “Group care in the first 1000 days” or GroupCare1000, is financially supported by the EU through the Horizon2020 program and is being implemented by AMC in collaboration with 11 international organizations and institutions. Currently, the project is in progress in the KKMF in the Municipalities of Lipjan, Prizren, Vushtrri, Pristina, and Vitia.

The Group Care program within the first 1000 days aims to provide pregnant women with a platform where they can address and tackle any challenges or concerns they may face during pregnancy. This is achieved through mutual learning from one another’s experiences and by incorporating the diverse advice offered by healthcare professionals, all with the goal of ensuring a healthy pregnancy.