Our Sweetest Adora!

Our loving Adora is the sweetest in neonatology clinic at UCCK. She is the second baby of mommy Blerta, and she was born on 8th of February 2017, in the 26th week with only 870 grams. She is still staying in incubators at the clinic, under the care of the oxygenation system.

To help with her progress, her blood tests were examined with the CRP / CBC equipment – she has also been treated with Survival. These medications and equipments were made possible thanks to your donations to the annual events “Let’s Dance”, “Meet Halfway “in New York as well as the charity store” Teshavesha”.

Mommy Blerta says that the birth has been very difficult, eventhough this was the second birth for her. The beginning it has been very challenging, given the weight and condition of Adora. But now everything is going well and she cannot stop  kissing and hugging Adora and giving her endless love.