Young Men and Women attend classes at Women’s Health Resource Center

Prishtina, October 14, 2015-

The group of young men and women who will attend the educational sessions on women’s health at the Women’s Health Resource Center (WHRC) has been announced today. This group will attend WHRC sessions once a month at the Family Medicine Center (FMC) number IV in Prishtina.
This activity is a result of a cooperation between Young Men Initiative/PEN and Action for Mothers and Children.

Today we held the first session on “Expectations and Preparations for a Healthy Pregnancy.”

Next sessions will include (but not limited to): physical changes on a woman’s body during pregnancy, the role of father/partner during woman’s pregnancy, newborn care, role of breastfeeding, preparation for delivery room and other topics that follow WHRC’s curriculum. This group of young men and women will meet once a month at the FMC IV in Prishtina.