Trainings organized for capacity building for Coalition K10 successfully completed

Prishtina, 9 September 2016-

Past week, trainings organized with the aim of capacity building for advocacy for the civil society organizations, member of the Coalition for sexual reproductive health and reproductive rights, have been successfully completed. The training package included five (5) trainings, organized in the period 18 August – 7 September, with various topics that aim at capacity building for members of the Coalition on topics covered. These include an introduction to reproductive health and reproductive health rights, current situation in Kosovo, advocacy strategies, research methods, and effective communication means to transmit the message and change policies and legal framework.

The training package has been determined based on the professional assessment of the members of the coalition and their experience in advocacy in the field of reproductive health.

Action for Mothers and Children, in the capacity of the Coalition Coordinator and organizer of trainings, considers that trainings have focused on topics that will be essential during planning of the activities of the Coalition with the purpose of increasing awareness and improving the legal framework and policies related to reproductive health and reproductive health rights. Trainers were individuals with experience in the topics they covered and were able to initiate discussions and experience sharing sessions among members.

The Coalition of organizations for sexual reproductive health and reproductive rights is established as a result of the cooperation between Action for Mothers and Children, Kosovo Health Foundation (KOPF), Peer Educators Network (PEN), Patients’ Rights Association in Kosovo (PRAK), Artpolis, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), Kosovar Center for Fighting Breast Cancer (Jeta/Vita), Health for All, Kosovar Association for the Promotion, Advancement, and Protection of Adolescents (Shko-Pa-Msha), dhe the Association for Health Education and Development (AHED), and is financed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).