The online educational platform BEBA-KS is launched

Prishtina, 30 September 2016-

As part of our goals to extend the services of our Women’s Health Resource Centers, we are proud to launch the evidence-based online platform accessible in three languages for mothers, fathers and family members in Kosovo.

Girl or boy: who or what decides?; Is breastfeeding meant to hurt?; How to be a super dad? – are just few of a lot of interesting questions and important information you can find in

In this online platform you can find tools and resources for breastfeeding techniques, birth delivery techniques, contraction timer, relief methods, prenatal tests, immunizations guide and a lot of videos on physical exercises during pregnancy without questioning the credibility of the information read.

At Beba-ks we give you the facts so you can make the right choices for you and your family. You won’t read opinion or rumor here, only the latest in evidence-based information taken from leading sources around the world and in Kosovo. Beba-ks is the only website of its kind, offering advice in three languages, and tailored to your experience in Kosovo. Our mission is to help you have the best pregnancy, childbirth and new parenting experience possible, and in the process we hope this helps to save lives.

Access to evidence-based information is an important factor towards quality improvement in healthcare and reducing maternal and child mortality rates. Kosovo continues to have high maternal and child mortality rates.

We invite you to visit our platform at and help us share the news with your friends!