The Online Platform of K10 Coalition is now launched

-Prishtina, November 30, 2017

The K10 Coalitions activities will now be available on the online platform, which was launched yesterday. This platform will provide more information about K10 activities, events, sexual and reproductive health information, as well as various materials regarding different topics. In addition, this platform will serve as a bridge for members of the coalition and their activities.

The members of the K10 Coalition are:  Action for Mothers and Children (AMC), Artpolis, Association for Health Education and Development (AHED), Health for All, Jeta/Vita – The Kosovar Center for Fighting Breast Cancer, Kosovo Population Foundation (KOPF), Kosovo Women’s Network(KWN), Peer Educators Network,(PEN) The Association for Kosovar Adolescents (ShkoPaMsha), and The Association for Patients’ Rights in Kosovo (PRAK).

You can visit the platform by clicking the button below ‘ K10 Platform’

Special thanks goes to our donor United Nations Population Fund , without which the launch of the online platform would not be possible.