Congratulations to Raiffeisen Bank Kosova for winning the FIDES Award!

-Prishtina, November 30, 2017

We are honored to share with you this congratulatory announcement for our partner and donor Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo on the occasion of receiving the FIDES award for the philanthropic contribution at the national level. Raiffeisen Bank officially acknowledged this presidential award, which is part of the Forum for Civic Initiatives – FIQ, which rewards the work and philanthropic effort of institutions, businesses, diaspora and individuals in Kosovo.

Earlier this year, we signed a cooperation agreement with Raiffeisen Bank for cooperation in the maternal and child health sector, which this year resulted in the opening of the second ‘Teshavesha’ charity store and the opening of the “Mother’s Classes” Information Center in Peja.

Teshavesha is a social enterprise that collects secondary clothes from citizens and institutions and sells them to raise additional funds to help mother and child health in Kosovo. This store also employs marginalized women and girls at the same time and since the opening more than 400 citizens a month are mobilized to donate and buy at Teshavesha. Meanwhile, the Women Resource Center now called “Mother Classes”, is a primary health education program that provides free counseling services to women and girls and their partners about pregnancy, childbirth, baby care and growth of the child with positive discipline methods. Days ago was opened the 8th Info Center in Peja, where it is the first in the Dukagjini region, made possible thanks to Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo.

FIDES is a symbol of public gratitude for companies and individuals from Kosovo and diaspora who have systematically and sensitively supported the environment, culture and traditional values ​​have supported activities and projects of common interest.