The Levonorgestrel intrauterine device is delivered to the UCCK Clinic of Gynecology

Prishtina, 27 June 2017-

The successful cooperation between the Foundation Action for Mothers and Children and the international organization Americares, as well as the Kosovo University Clinical Center, continues. Today, at the Clinic of Gynecology at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, was made the delivery of the intrauterine device Levonorgestrel, a donation made possible by the international organization ICA Foundation, through its long-term partner Americares.

The intrauterine device Levonorgestrel is a contraceptive method that is suitable for all women, including women who are breast-feeding.

“Such ongoing donations are a confirmation that successful co-operation between civil society organizations and state institutions is feasible and brings the continued support of serious international partners,” said AlbionaBeselica-Beha, project coordinator at the Foundation “Action For Mothers and Children “.