Our charity shop “Teshavesha” and AMC headquarters now in a new location!

Prishtina, 6 March 2017-
Thanks to donors’ support and the mobilization of our citizens, we are growing each and every day! We are bringing “Teshavesha” charity shop and AMC headquarters closer to you and in a bigger facility.
Starting today, Teshavesha and AMC offices are located in one building in str. “Fazli Grajqevci”, no. 271 in Prishtina, which is down the way from Dit’ e Nat’ coffee shop and library heading towards the ex-OSCE building (or in another note: behind the Main Family Medicine Center).The charity shop “Teshavesha” continues to be open every day from 10.00-18.00 and from 12.00-16.00 on Saturdays where citizens can bring donations and buy our collections. “Teshavesha” has been opened in July 2016 from Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) as a social enterprise to support maternal and child health programs in Kosovo. In “Teshavesha” our community members have the opportunity to donate and buy clothes for men, women and children, toys, small home decorations, and accessories, which are all sold at symbolic prices to generate revenue that will support Action for Mothers and Children’s health programs. The store at the same time employs marginalized women.

In less than a year, Teshavesha has been visited by more than 400 citizens monthly and has mobilized designers, media, VIPs, private companies, and many international organizations.

Right above the store, for those interested to hear more about AMC programs and how the money from the store helps save the lives of mothers and children, have now the opportunity to do so in our new location.