Donations worth 240,000 USD delivered today at the Main Family Medicine Center in Prishtina and Neonatology Clinic

Prishtina, 9 March 2017-

The successful cooperation among Action for Mothers and Children and the international organization Direct Relief, as well the health care institutions such as the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, specifically the Neonatology Clinic, and the Main Family Medicine Center in Kosovo have resulted in the second donation from this donor, worth more than 240,000 USD.

“The need for medicines is inherent in all levels of health care and we consider that the sustainable cooperation with international organizations dediacted to meet the medical needs of populations in developing countries is very important”, emphasized Dafina Krasniqi, program coordinator at Action for Mothers and Children.

This donation, the second in turn, enabled by Direct Relief through its local partner Action for Mothers and Children, is made possible thanks to the coopration agreement signed last year which makes it possible to continously bring medicines continously for Kosovo. Action for Mother and Children will receive, maintain, distrubite and monitor donations received.

Direct Relief is a non-profit organization in USA, and works to support activities of its partners, providing essential materials and medical equipment to developing countries. Arrival of the second contingent in Kosovo is made possible thanks to donations collected from “Let’s Dance 2” event in Kosovo and “Meet US Halfway” event in New York.