Open discussion about “Contraception and Menopause”

-Prishtina, 27 September 2017

Today, K10 Coalition marked the International Contraception Day, including the topic of Menopause as well. Discussion on Contraception and Menopause aimed to increase the debate over the importance of contraceptive use in young generation, the current situation in Kosovo and at the same time the importance of contraceptives usage in women at the menopause phase.

K10 Coalition held the third open discussion at the restaurant “Shpija e Vjetër”, Prishtina where besides the discussion was also a mini-exhibition which opened at 16:00.

The panelists were: Dr. Jehona Binishi Hysa- Gynecologist, Dr. Visare Mujko Nimani – Program Officer, UNFPA, Ms. Nermin Mahmuti- Woman at the Menopause stage who shared her experience
Mr.Arianit Jakupi- Pharmacist

The panelists spoke about the use of contraceptives in Kosovo and the importance of menopause treatment where they was stated that “Better information on contraception methods is translated into better health for mothers, fewer unsafe abortions and greater equality for women.” “Menopause is not a disease, it is a transition phase in a woman’s life!” said Dr. Jehona Binishi Hysa.  “Kosovo is stands far from the countries of the region regarding to the level of contraceptive supply at the national level. However, market demand does not exceed the amount available in pharmacies, “said Arianit Jakupi, Pharmacist. This indicates that the level of use of conception in Kosovo, especially modern ones, is quite low, which was also confirmed by Dr. Visare Mujko Nimani, UNFPA.

The purpose of this discussion was to update the topics of reproductive health affecting every citizen, and in the case of menopause, it is an inevitable health conditions that can be treated through adequate information and counseling with medical professionals.