Mothers Classes now provide counselling on Post-Partum Depression

Prishtina, 19 July 2017-

The Women’s Health Resource Center, now renamed into “Mothers’ Classes” have started a new topic as part of their curriculum on post-partum depression in all the family medicine centers in Prizren, Mitrovica, Ferizaj, Sterpce, Kacanik and Gynecology/Obstetrics Clinic in Prishtina for all the women and their partners attending these centers.

The development of this curriculum has been developed due to the importance to raise awareness and provide information on time for its symptoms and early treatment. Post-partum depression occurs due to hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy and after delivery. Symptoms differ, but the most common ones include lack of interest in the baby, appetite and sleep disturbance, crying and sadness, feelings of guilt, loss of joy up to different psychosis.  Around 1 in 7 new mothers get PPD. It often starts within 1-3 weeks after birth but it can occur anytime within the first year.

Along the efforts to raise awareness on the issue, we have also launched an informative video on post-partum depression, being broadcasted in local TV stations and social media, accessible via:

The development of this curriculum has been made possible through the support of Kosovo Women’s Network and is now an integrated part of the health resource center services in family medicine centers, informative brochures now available in main family medicine centers and part of the evidence-based online platform