End of Year Letter!

Pristina, December 15, 2015 –

Dear friends,
As we approach the end of 2015, we want to thank those around us who have supported Action for Mothers and Children! Every December we try to find the perfect gift. And when the holidays come around, we scramble! If you have not given your end-of-year gift yet, please consider supporting Action for Mothers and Children in Kosovo!
2015 has been an exciting year at Action! Thanks to the support of our many partners, donors, and friends we can together take pride that:
* 230 vials of Survanta medication arrived in Kosovo. This medication is vital in developing the lungs in premature babies. Around 250-300 babies are saved every year as a result of Survanta medication;
* The first CRP/CBC analyzer machine was delivered to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which allows the staff to conduct blood analysis at baby’s bedside, instead of labs outside the clinic. Around 30-35 babies per day benefit from this equipment;

* We have set up our third Women’s Health Resource Center in Ferizaj where women receive unrestricted access to essential information about their pregnancy, labor and delivery, and newborn care, in their own language, which they would otherwise not have access to;* 1200 women so far have benefited from the free services at our Women’s Health Resource Center. 80% of these women are better prepared in the labor room, resulting in less complications and a better birthing experience;

* 700 women have benefited from free testing on cervical cancer using the most precise methodology for early detection – the liquid based cytology, the first such methodology used in Kosovo;

* We have fully implemented the first scientific research on the cost and characteristics of births in Kosovo, which will be used to advocate for the inclusion of basic services for mothers and children in the health insurance reform;

The infant mortality rate today is about 10/1,000 births, as compared to 29/1,000 immediately after the war in Kosovo. The maternal mortality rate is declared as 0. This achievement is a result of the work done by many stakeholders and also a result of your contribution – friends from all over the globe who have supported our cause!
The purpose of applauding these figures is about the impact of your support and reflects our belief that humanitarian foundations cannot stand alone.


This year’s campaigns of Runner for Hearts, Cycle Kosovo for Children, and Let’s Dance for Mothers and Children make it possible for Action to continue its mission to save the lives of mothers and children in the Republic of Kosovo. In 2016 we will:

* Deliver the next set of Survanta medication to cover the national need for premature babies who need surfactant. Without enough surfactant, the lungs collapse and premature babies die;
* Deliver Phototherapy Lamps to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Phototherapy lamps treat jaundice in children. Jaundice in children is a problem that is encountered on daily basis and about 75% of our children manifest jaundice upon birth;
* Support setting up the Neonatal Referral System in Kosovo. Around 300 babies are referred from other cities to Prishtina. Parents deliver babies to Prishtina using their private cars to seek more specialized treatment, due to lack of a referral system;
* Continue providing and expanding free services of Women’s Health Resource Center. High mortality rates are also due to lack of women’s information on healthy pregnancy and care, hence the importance of these services towards reaching our goal of saving the lives of mothers and their children;
* Expand our Cervical Cancer Screening program in primary care and increase the number of women screened for Cervical Cancer, while advocating on setting up the national cervical cancer screening program;
* Bring you creative fundraising activities, such as Runner for Hearts, Cycle Kosovo for Children, and Let’s Dance where we can all together save the lives of mothers and children in Kosovo;

And much more!

Your gift today supports everything from Survanta medication delivery to complex cervical cancer detection and advocacy on health rights for Kosovo’s mothers and children!


We believe that with the help of our supporters and friends, we will establish the best conditions in giving the developing child a healthy start in life. That is a basic human right! Our foundation is dedicated to the process of making that happen, but we cannot do it without your support!

Thank you and warm wishes for the holiday season!

Action for Mothers and Children