Dr. Mynevere Hoxha awarded at FIDES ceremony

In the FIDES Ceremony award held on 5 December 2012 at the Emerald Hotel, Pristina, Dr. Mynevere Hoxha was awarded Philanthropy FIDES award for “Individual Contribution” which was handed by the Ambassador Mr. Jan Braathu. This award signifies an individual’s support to non-profit organizations, which effectively and efficiently engage in solving problems for the common good.

Dr. Hoxha has worked as volunteer pediatrician for 6 years in Podujeva. During her role as head of NICU the clinic has showed improvements as a result of her dedication and volunteer initiatives undertaken. Her volunteer time has been dedicated to the Kosovar Committee for Maternal and Child Health, as Trainer of “Essential Newborn care and breastfeeding,” as Coordinator for initative “Friendly Hospitals for Infants” and more. Dr.Hoxha is a great resource and advisor to Action for Mothers and Children. We are proud to have nominated Dr.Hoxha for the award, and are more than delighted for her to have won it. In her many years of professional experience as a Neonatologist she has saved thousands of lives, but her volunteer work, which took her away from her family and friends, has been astonishing, long and very fruitful.