Comprehensive Sexuality Education – Open Discussion with Citizens

Prishtina, 18 May 2017-

Today, we held the open discussion with citizens on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). This discussion was organized by Coalition K10, a coalition comprised of ten non-governmental organizations on health and sexual and reproductive rights, supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)- the Kosovo Office, and the Ministry of Health.

This event discussed the important role of CSE in preventing negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes among youth and also served as a platform for discussing gender issues and human rights. However, the purpose of this discussion was to educate youth about sexuality and the risks that come from  not educating the youth on this topic, considering that the UNFPA study shows that one out of four sexually active teenagers do not use any means of protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections  (STI), HIV, or unplanned pregnancies.

Dr. Visare Mujko-Nimani from UNFPA explained that “Kosovo, compared to other countries in the region, generally accepts the term easily. There are no legal or institutional barriers in development of the curriculum on sexual education. ”

Whereas, Prof.Dr. Ilir Begolli from the National Institute of Public Health stated that “The Institute serves as a platform for the design and implementation of educational programs on sexuality, but also as a center for capacity building.  The interest for the implementation of these programs by the students is very large, but there’s hesitation from the teachers to teach on sexuality. ”

In this discussion the representatives from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology were absent, so the discussion could not address their institutional views.

Such open discussions with citizens will continue to be organized by Coalition K10 to address sexual and reproductive health issues with citizens.


The Coalition of organizations for sexual reproductive health and reproductive rights is established as a result of the cooperation between Action for Mothers and Children; Kosovo Health Foundation (KOPF); Peer Educators Network (PEN); Patients’ Rights Association in Kosovo (PRAK); Artpolis; Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN); Kosovar Center for Fighting Breast Cancer (Jeta/Vita); Health for All;  Kosovar Association for the Promotion, Advancement, and Protection of Adolescents (Shko-Pa-Msha); and the Association for Health Education and Development (AHED), and is financed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)- Kosovo office