AMC delivers the donation of the campaign NJË KAFE SI FLUTUR at UCCK

Action for Mothers and Children has today submitted to the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo medical equipment and protective materials for health personnel in the amount of approx. 10 thousand euros. These equipment and materials were purchased as part of the month-long NJË KAFE SI FLUTUR campaign, which aimed to raise funds to provide medical equipment and protective materials to health personnel facing COVID-19.

Some of the medical equipment and protective materials that were handed over are: patient monitor, vacuum control aspiration, pulse oximeter, video laryngoscope, gloves, respirator, disinfectant, etc.

The executive director of the Action for Mothers and Children Foundation stated on the occasion of the handover: “Today we handed over medical equipment and protective materials for the health personnel in the amount of 10 thousand euros, funds collected from the one-month campaign” A coffee like a butterfly “. We launched this campaign in collaboration with a group of volunteers whom I thank very much for the extraordinary idea and commitment. We also cordially thank the citizens of Kosovo and the diaspora who joined our campaign by donating money and making this donation possible. We hope that with our help, the health personnel who are doing extraordinary work in our health institutions throughout Kosovo, and especially in the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Prishtina, will find it easier to cope with COVID-19 ”

AMC and the campaign volunteers are extremely grateful to all the citizens who joined our campaign by donating, or supporting the campaign on social media.

A special thanks to Solidar Suisse office in Kosovo for supporting the campaign with 1000 euros.

We are very grateful for the support of personalities such as Inva Mula, Rita Ora, Ledri Vula, Xheraldina Vula, Lorik Cana, Robert Berisha, Genc Salihu, Vjollca Robelli-Mripa, Hetem Ramadani, Zake Prelvukaj, Yll Limani, Richard Lukaj, Arbër Mehmeti Nikçi, Përparim Babalija, Ardian Hoxha, Aferdita Paçarada, Kida, Shpat Deda, Eshref Durmishi, Dren Abazi, Agim Kalanderi, Adelina Badivuku, Adelina Thaqi, Robert Bobaj, Armend Baloku and other professionals in media and marketing.

We especially thank the volunteers who worked tirelessly in this campaign: Nora Weller, Ron Mullaademi, Adrian Berisha, Valon Canhasi, Nektar Qarri, Deniz Tortoshi, Shqipron Nuhiu and Bonart Ajvazi.