The awareness campaign NJË KAFE SI FLUTUR concludes

NJË KAFE SI FLUTUR was a fundraising campaign in the fight against COVID-19 in the Republic of Kosovo.

This campaign had two main objectives:
1)Raising funds to support health institutions with the necessary equipment and materials to combat COVID-19;
2)Dissemination of information and advice from reliable sources to citizens in order to raise awareness on how to stop the distribution of COVID-19.

Health personnel are doing extraordinary work in our health institutions throughout Kosovo, especially in the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Prishtina.
Given that the situation could worsen, in which case the need for more medical equipment and other basic materials would increase, NJË KAFE SI FLUTUR was initiated to support the health institutions of Kosovo.

NJË KAFE SI FLUTUR raised funds in three ways: online through GlobalGiving, with bank transfers to AMC’s bank account, and by sending SMS to 55049 via Vala operator.

For one month of campaign, a total of 10274 Euros were collected from: 1) GlobalGiving – 6677 USD
2) Bank transfer – 1300 Euro
3) SMS in Vala – 2826 Euro

A special thanks to Solidar Suisse office in Kosovo for supporting the campaign with 1000 euros.

NJË KAFE SI FLUTUR gathered immediate support within Kosovo society and Albanians around the world. Friends of a Coffee like Butterfly are from various professional spheres with proven success in the region and internationally. We are very grateful and inspired by the support of personalities like Inva Mula, Rita Ora, Ledri Vula, Xheraldina Vula, Lorik Cana, Robert Berisha, Genc Salihu, Vjollca Robelli-Mripa, Hetem Ramadani, Zake Prelvukaj, Yll Limani, Arbhard Lukuk Mehmeti, Vlora Nikçi, Përparim Babalija, Ardian Hoxha, Aferdita Paçarada, Kida, Shpat Deda, Eshref Durmishi, Dren Abazi, Agim Kalanderi, Adelina Badivuku, Adelina Thaqi, Robert Bobaj, Armend Baloku and other professionals in media and marketing.

In full coordination with the Ministry of Health, we will identify the current needs of health institutions and immediately proceed with the procurement of those materials or medical equipment.

All donors will have access to information on how and where the collected funds were spent, as well as the submission of materials, by following our social networks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as on the AMC website www.amchealth .org

A BLUE AS FACE was conceived by Nora Weller and brought to life in close collaboration and volunteers with professions in media and marketing such as Ron Mullaademi, Adrian Berisha, Valon Canhasi, Nektar Qarri, Deniz Tortoshi, Shqipron Nuhiu, Bonart Ajvazi, in coordination with the Action For Mothers and Children Foundation team in order to achieve the desired success in supporting Kosovo health personnel in the fight against Covid-19.