Thank-you Note for our Donors

We want to use this time of the year to thank all our donors who helped and supported us in order to fulfill our mission.

Thanks to our donors, in 2017 we:

-Delivered 204 vials of Survanta medication in Neonatology Clinic covering national need;

-Delivered 180 units of Minastrin medication at Gynecology Clinic;

-Delivered 470 units of Afatinib medication at the Oncology Clinic;

-Furnished Gynecology/Obstetric Clinic with medications valuing $240,000 to respond to immediate patient needs;

-Opened 3 additional Women Health Resource Centers established in Kacanik, Prizren, and Peja, the only centers where women and their partner can get antenatal evidence-based counseling which in turn helps mother deliver healthier babies. 3000 women attending WHRC – Mothers’ Classes – were better prepared to give birth;

-Delivered 5 cardio-pulmonary monitors at the Neonatology Clinic, which measure heart and breathing rates in babies. 3,600 babies per year receive treatment with the medication and equipment made possible through AMC;

-Established 1 additional social enterprise, expanding thus our “Teshavesha” chain of thrift shops. More than 400 citizens a month visit our store to donate and buy our items in support of our programs;

-Ensured that the free Pap-smear tests to prevent Cervical Cancer among women are offered as a regular free service within primary care in Prishtina. 2000 women per year benefit from free Pap-smear tests through this program;

-Gave tailored training in critical diagnosis to more than 100 tertiary health care workers;

-Launched the mobile app “NANA” to extend digital educational services and support to our mothers;

-Introduced the Positive Parenting Discipline as part out health educational services with the goal of informing and training parents with methodologies of raising children without punishment and violence;

-Launched the online platform of sexual and reproductive health as part of our activities with K10 Coalition, which mobilized 10 organizations towards the common goal of improving sexual and reproductive healthcare in the country;

-Supported our healthcare institutions to ensure employ a transportation team, develop national guidelines, and ensure the auto ambulance for national baby transportation system to start officially next year. More than 300 babies annually are transported from other hospitals to Prishtina’s main hospital without using proper means of transportation and putting their lives at risk;

-Brought the 3rd “Let’s Dance” event gathering more than 400 supporters in a dance floor to have fun while supporting our cause and raising around Eur 24,000;

-Mobilized our friends in Zurich, Switzerland to support maternal and child health in Kosovo, raising around CHF 10,000;

-Hosted our 2nd “Meet Us Halfway” event in New York raising Diaspora money to support mothers and children of Kosovo, and raised around $ 45,000.

All of these would have not been possible without all of our donors and we want to thank you for helping us make a positive difference. Your support encourages our continued commitment to reaching our goal. Click here to see our List of Donors.

If you want to be a part of our success in 2018, click ‘DONATE’ in order to help mothers and children.