Dr. Drita Lumi Demiri

Dr.Drita Lumi Demiri, after completing the Specialization in Family Medicine in 2001, is committed to implementing the concept of Family Medicine in Kosovo. In addition to working as a family doctor in daily work with patients, she is also engaged as a clinical mentor at the Family Medicine Development Center-Pristina, contributing to the professional upgrading of family doctors. Since 2007, the Kosovo-Darthmouth Alliance for Healthy Newborns project has been engaged as an Antenatal Care Coordinator in the Municipality of Ferizaj, where four Antenatal Care rooms have been established, which continue to function with great success. Cooperates with agencies such as UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO in the field of improving mother and child health in Kosovo. Regarding the professional interests Dr. Drita Lumi has generally shown interest and is engaged in the sphere of public health.