Dr. Pranvera Zejnullahu Raçi

Dr. Pranvera Zejnullahu Raçi, finished her studies of General Medicine and Specialization in the field of Gynecology with Obstetrics in Prishtina, Kosovo. She is doing her PhD studies at the University of Zagreb, in the field of Oncology Gynecology. Since 2012, she has been working as a specialist in the UCCK Gynecology Obstetric Clinic. At the same time she is a regular staff at the Department of Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine. In addition to professional and academic work in the Clinic, she has also dealt with other activities in projects held by the Spanish Red Cross, Medicos del Mundo and others. During the years of professional work she has attended different trainings and international conferences in the field of Gynecology. Her interest is to further develop the projects that will enable the improvement of services that provide screening programs for early detection of cervical cancer. She is a fluent speaker of English, Spanish, Serbian and Croatian.