Dr. Jehona Binishi Syla

Dr. Jehona was born on 19th February 1979 in Pristina. She finished her primary school in her hometown Prishtina, ‘Naim Frasheri’ school; High school form years 1993-1997 finished in Mathematical brach in ‘Xhevdet Doda’ school. From years 1997-2004 she did University in Medical Faculty of Prishtina, when in 2004 she got graduated as Doctor of General Medical Siences. After 1 year of work as a general doctor in Family Medicine in year 2005 she started Specialization in branch of Gynecology and Obstetrics in University Centre of Kosova and finished in year 2010. After specialization she started to work in the Medical institution’ Rezonanca’ for 1 year and after that since 2011 she continoued working as Gynecologist/Obstetrician in another private hospital, ‘American Hospital in Prishtina,’ branch of American Hospitals of Tirana-Albania. During this time she has been attended continuously a number of International Congresses for professional issues in different branches of Gynecology such as infertility, oncology, perinatology etc. Jehona speaks English, Serbian and Italian.