Tuana’s story

Tuana was born prematurely and unfortunately, she did not have the chance to meet her twin sister who could not survive as she did. Tuana could survive while being treated with survanta, the oxygen system, incubator, respiratory tubes CRP and CPAP machine.

Tuana’s mother Kaltrina, shared with us her experience of three failed abortions and her depression period after her infnats could not survive. Tuana, a miracle for her parents managed to survive and stay healthy in the Neonatology Clinic at QKUK.

Tuana’s mother claimed in tears that she can’t find the words to describe how happy she is for her daughter’s survival thanks to the donors that made possible the donation of the necessary equipment to save her infant’s life. She considers Tuana as the best thing that has happened in her life.

Survanta, the oxygen system, incubators, respiratory tubes CRP/CBC and CPAP machine have been donated to QKUK from Action for Mothers and Children thanks to collaboration with the Americares and many other donors, especially with the Albanian diaspora.