The Story of Baby Egzona

Egzona Xhaferi, the joy of the family, came to life in July on the 33rd week of pregnancy . While Egzona was in the Neonatology Clinic she stayed 5 days in the Incubator and was treated with Survanta- a medication that stimulates the development of lungs. In addition to Survanta, Egzona was also treated with CPAP-a machine for breathing regulation, CRP-blood test machines, and ROP -eye screening, which were donated by Action for Mothers and Children.

Egzona was Leonora’s first birth and when she was born she felt the happiest mother in the world but at the same time she was very scared about her child’s health. But thanks to the equipment and the treatment that Egzona received she is a healthy baby and that makes her parents very happy and thankful.