Technical Support to Ministry of Health

The external assistance project was intended to first and foremost offer the officials at of the Ministry of Health an outside view and advice on the issues of priority identified by them. In addition, the advisory group also assisted in narrowing down and focusing these priorities in their scope not only for internal audience but also for the donor community involved in this sector. Upon the request of the Officials at the Ministry of Health members of the Advisory group were available for meetings where these issues were discussed and elaborated. The group also held regular meetings to discuss and identify issues to be presented to the Ministry of Health officials. In addition members of the advisory group, upon request of the officials from the Ministry of Health participated in several conferences and group discussions related to health sector in Kosovo. As a result of these discussions, members of the advisory group developed strategies and approaches to tackle some issues of interest. The plans are to continue in two key directions:

  • Advice on immediate matters – This included direct advise/support in: issues the Ministry has with regards to policy making, and strategic steps that could improve systems and outcomes. The partnership with AUK provided the team of experts and an external advisory panel that helped the Ministry to think strategically about different issues of interest for the Ministry.
  • Donor coordination and project development – In addition, the partnership has been involved directly in development of programs for the Ministry and on behalf of the Ministry. The support has included the development of concrete proposals based on the needs of the system as well as direct advice and coordination with potential donors.