Group Care during the first 1000 days

Group Care in the first 1000 days is an international project funded by the European Union through the HORIZON 2020 program, and is led by a consortium of partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Suriname -South America, Ghana, and Kosovo. The main objective of this project is to implement group care of pregnant women during the first 1000 days in seven different high-, middle- and low-income countries. The data collected and analyzed during the implementation of this project will be used to design a guide which will serve all countries to implement group care, a concept that is also promoted by the WHO.


The first session was held in March in MFMC Lipjan and Prizren municipality, where it was organized interactively by midwives and nurses through various activities, conversations and exchange of group experiences. Each pregnant woman gave her opinion and talked about her pregnancy experience. Antenatal Care in the Group aims for pregnant women on sharing experiences and learning from each other, discuss their concerns they encounter during pregnancy together by learning from each other’s experiences and from the various tips that are given by health professionals for a healthier pregnancy.