With the purpose of assessing the healthcare situation of mothers and children in Kosovo, including identifying potential challenges in order to improve healthcare.

In 2010 the Caritas Luxembourg Foundation drafted a strategy for 2011-2013 covering income generation, education and health sector in the municipalities of Ferizaj, Gjilan, Hani i Elezit, Kacanik, Viti and Kllokot. The aim of this project was to collect information on health care needs of the people in South-Eastern part of Kosova municipalities.

The study focused on the following questions/topics:
a) Description of the general situation concerning health in the above mentioned municipalities including infrastructure, personnel and other facilities;
b) Description of the actual situation in the issues mentioned in these municipalities in terms of infrastructure, personnel, other facilities;
c) Provision of professional advice whether FCL shall indeed intervene in the mentioned issues;
d) Identification of needs in the mentioned issues;
e) Proposals for how to intervene; and
f) Recommendation for potential implementing partners.