The pilot project on cervical cancer screening continues to be succesfully implemented in the Municipality of Prishtina

Prishtina, 23 August 2016-

The pilot project providing free Pap-smears for cervical cancer screening continues to be successfully implemented in the Municipality of Prishtina. Since the launch of this pilot project in July, more than 120 women have been screened and had their Pap-smears in one of the three Family Medicine Centers in Prishtina.

This pilot project targets screening 2,000 women of ages 25 to 50 years old until 30 November 2016. This pilot phase represents a great opportunity for early detection and prevention of cervical cancer, which is the second most common type of cancer among women. Screening allows for early detection of abnormal cells and as a result, their successful treatment.

In continuity of its implementation, all women in the Municipality of Prishtina are invited to do their Pap-smears for free in the Main Family Medicine Center at Qafa, in Family Medicine Center 5 in Ulpiana, and in Family Medicine Center 6 at Bregu in Diellit.

The promotional video inviting for free Pap-smears has also been launched and distributed through media and social networks:

This pilot project is the first of its kind in Kosovo and is a result of the cooperation between the Department for Health and Social Welfare in Municipality of Prishtina, National Board for Cancer Control, Main Family Medicine Center in Prishtina, Institute of Pathology at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Action for Mothers and Children, 700 for Science Foundation, World Health Organization-office in Prishtina and the United Nations Population Fund-office in Prishtina.