New Women’s Health Resource Center opens up in Kaçanik

Prishtina, 24 March 2017

Today, in an official ceremony the doors of the Women’s Health Resource Center opened up in the Main Family Medicine Center (MFMC) in Kacanik – an initiative made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Department of Health and Social Welfare of Kacanik,  Main Family Medicine Centre and Action for Mothers and Children.

In the opening ceremony in Kacanik, deputy minister Dr. Izet Sadiku declared that “through these centers we are informing and raising awareness of new partners in their care and preparation during and throughout the whole process of pregnancy, but also for their children. The Ministry of Health has accredited this program and is committed to continue the cooperation with Action for Mothers and Children in expanding such information centers in each municipality.” In addition, Dr. Nijazi Iliazi, the director of MFMC in Kacanik, stressed that the opening of this center will directly affect education and improving maternal and child health. He also assured that MFMC in Kacanik will guarantee the sustainability of the center so that center’s services for women and their partners will become an integrated part of the primary care.

Meanwhile, the representative of Action for Mothers and Children, Albiona Beha, declared that establishment of this Centre in Kacanik marks the 5th centre, or the 4th municipality that incorporates the educational program of the center as part of the daily services for maternal and child health. The Centre in Kacanik will provide educational services, activities of physical and mental wellbeing for women and also their partners, in a comfortable room setting designed in a colorful and warm environment.

Last year, we officially opened the Cetners in Sterpce and Mitrovica, whereas a year ago we opened the ones in Prishtina and Ferizaj. Action for Mothers and Children aims to expand such information centers for pregnant women and their partners in other municipalities in Kosovo to assist in the establishment of health education within the primary healthcare level in the country.

The opening event today was closed with a cocktail. The opening ceremony was also attended by representatives of the municipality of Kacanik. The center was made possible thanks to donations collected from the “Let’s Dance for Mothers and Children” event in Kosovo and “Meet Us Halfway” event in New York.