Meridian Express raised 2,040.21 Euro for child and maternal health in Kosovo

08 November 2019, Prishtina

For the second year in a row, from October 15 to November 30, Meridian Express contributed towards the good health of mothers and children in Kosovo. Meridian Express’s contribution was made possible through the “Eat, taste and help with BUKA and SCHARF” campaign where 10% of value was dedicated to ‘Action for Mothers and Children’

At a media event, a check of 2,040.21 Euro was donated by Meridian Express to Action for Mothers and Children to support children’s health programs.

The fundraising campaign was based on Schärf brand products and BUKA Bakery’s sandwiches, where for every coffee / tea or sandwich ordered by customers, 10% of the value was donated to mothers and children. These money raised will fund AMC’s health programs that assist Kosovo Pediatric, Gynecology and Neonatology clinics.

“Hoping that the cooperation with AMC will continue to grow in the future, we are very happy that this year we have contributed to the well-being and health of children in need,” said Artan Mullarama from Meridian Express.

“We are happy to have partners and supporters of our mission as Meridian Express, where for the second year in a row they have organized a fundraising campaign for AMC . This amount will help the foundation to improve the health of mothers and children in Kosovo, and we are very grateful, ”said Vlorian Molliqaj, Executive Director – Action for Mothers and Children.