The mobile application “NANA” is now launched

Prishtina, 29 August 2017-

Action for Mothers and Children has launched the mobile application in Albanian, an application that contains essential information on pregnancy, family planning, labor and child care in a quick and easy way. The mobile application “NANA” is another extension of the educational program “Mother’s Classes” and the evidence-based website

Our health resource centers, “Mothers Classes”, are now available in 6 municipalities around Kosovo which are gathering women of different ethnicities with a common goal: improving the health of mothers and their children by providing access to evidence-based information. Considering the need for access to health information and innovation, AMC took the initiative to develop the mobile application “NANA” which includes a host module and interactive features as an additional way to reach out to more women who cannot attend sessions at our health resource centers.

In general, the app contains sections such as “Ovulation Calendar” that provides an opportunity for monitoring the ovulation period for women and girls; “Contractions Calculator,” is an essential section that helps future mothers in managing labor pains; the schedule of “Mothers Classes” shows the times of consultations and activities of our centers and enables women to plan the attendance in those sessions based on the topic of interest; the section on “What you need to know”  provides simple guidelines on pregnancy health, nutrition, baby development at each stage of pregnancy, breathing techniques, breastfeeding, immunization and also a section for exercises during pregnancy; Moreover, the section named “Pictures” lets moms take photos during different periods of pregnancy, and archive them to see the week by week body changes.

The development of this mobile app is powered by “Zombie Soup” and supported by the Australian Embassy through its Vienna Office in Kosovo and IPKO Foundation.

This App is found only for IOS, which you can download it in the below link:

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