FLO donates 163 pairs of shoes to the charity stores ‘Teshavesha’

15 February, 2019, Prishtina

The international shoe brand from Turkey ‘FLO’ based in Kosovo donated 163 pairs of shoes to the charity shop ‘Teshavesha’, one of  Action for Mothers and Children programs.

FLO is an international brand of shoes from Turkey, a brand that already operates in Kosovo with two sale points in Fushe Kosove and Prizren. FLO is one of the few brands that offers a variety of models for women, men and children, adapting to everyone’s style.

“By donating all these products, FLO will have a tremendous impact on raising sales of the charity store, helping to raise funds to improve mothers and children’s health in Kosovo. Moreover, it affects the quality of the products we offer to our clients as well as the necessary product variety, “said Janina Mehmeti from Action for Mothers and Children.

Teshavesha accepts donations from citizens and sells second-hand items back to the citizens, whereby the income supports the health of mothers and children by financing the foundation’s programs, such as: supply of medication and medical equipment, development of the Neonatal Referral System, as well as the expansion of the Women Health Resource Centers, ‘Mothers Classes’.Through this massive donation, FLO is an example of social responsibility for other brands and businesses in the country.

Teshavesha recycles about 2,100 kg of textiles per month, and about 25,200 kg of textiles per year thus contributing to the environment. Through the funds raised by Teshavesha, the lives of about 1,000 babies in Kosovo have been saved as a result of the use of the Survanta medication, and about 3,000 women have benefited from being part of the free lectures at Women’s Health Resource Centers, ‘Mothers Classes’