Donation to the Clinic of Gynecology, Neonatology and Regional Hospitals from AMC and LDS Charities

The global pandemic that has gripped Kosovo also continues to find our institutions in constant need of protective materials against Covid-19. Knowing these needs, AMC through collaborations with various local and international partners, is mobilized to continuously support our health institutions with medical equipment and protective materials for health personnel. The Action for Mothers and Children Foundation in cooperation with LDS Charities today delivered equipment for personal protection of health personnel against Covid-19, at the Central Pharmacy at UCCK, worth about 10,000 Euros which will be distributed in Gynecology and Neonatology clinics at UCCK and Regional Hospitals in Kosovo. AMC Executive Director, Vlorian Molliqaj, on the occasion of this handover said: “This global pandemic requires commitment from all of us, and AMC continues to stand by health institutions in Kosovo, trying to meet their needs for various health equipment and materials. We are extremely happy for the cooperation with LDS Charities and HUCSK and we hope that this cooperation will continue in order for our health institutions to be as well supplied and well prepared to face COVID-19 and to provide services. quality for mothers and children ”. Present at the submission of this donation was the Acting Director of the University Hospital and Clinical Service of Kosovo, Dr. Valbon Krasniqi, who was very grateful for this donation from AMC. “Over 10 years of cooperation with the AMC Foundation has brought many benefits to our clinics, and we are extremely grateful for the continued support, especially during these very difficult times for UCCK and health care providers. “These tools that have been delivered today are very important for us to be able to do our job as best we can,” he said. Krasniqi on the occasion of receiving this donation.

It is worth noting that today’s donation is the third consecutive donation only during the COVID-19 pandemic from Action for Mothers and Children. AMC will continue with other donations to our health institutions, always identifying needs in coordination with relevant health institutions and the Ministry of Health.