Co-operation agreement with Solidar Suisse Kosovo is signed

Prishtina, 4 May 2017-

Action for Mothers and Children today has extended the cooperation agreement with Solidar Suisse Kosova for the fourth consecutive year.

“The ongoing partnership with Solidar Suisse Kosovo is among the practical collaborations that have always proven good results in improving the health system for mothers and children and it is a pleasure to continue our cooperation this year,” said Mrika Aliu, Executive Director at the Action for Mothers and Children.

This year’s co-operation is to support the construction of the infant transport system from regional hospitals to Pristina. This project started its first implementation phase in 2016, and with the successful cooperation between the Ministry of Health, the Hospital and University Clinical Service of Kosovo, Dartmouth-Hitchckok Medical Center, and Solidar Suisse Kosova.