Celebrating a decade of work by Action for Mothers and Children!


On June 6th, Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special event attended by partners, board members, colleagues, former colleagues, and supporters. The occasion marked a significant milestone in AMC’s journey, and the program highlighted the organization’s remarkable achievements over the years.

The evening commenced with an enchanting ballet performance by a group of young girls, bringing an air of excitement to the audience.

In the speech of the occasion Mr. Vlorian Molliqaj, the Executive Director, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the extraordinary support and unwavering commitment shown to AMC during the last ten years.

Over the past decade, through the joint commitment of supporters, AMC has achieved exceptional results in Kosovo. Donations of essential medicaments and medical equipment valued at over 3 million euros have saved the lives of more than 5000 babies.  Furthermore, more than 14,000 women and girls have received free Pap tests, empowering them to prioritize their health and prevent cervical cancer. The Women’s Health Information Centers established by AMC have successfully educated and guided over 11,000 parents seeking vital health information and support during their journey through pregnancy and parenting.

During the opening remarks, Mr. Molliqaj, on behalf of the AMC board and team, expressed profound gratitude to all attendees and supporters for their unwavering belief in the organization’s mission. He emphasized that their ongoing support and generosity played a crucial role in the achievements of AMC. Mr. Molliqaj specifically acknowledged the significant contributions of both current and former board members, recognizing their strategic vision in shaping and developing the organization. He extended heartfelt appreciation to all individuals who have contributed to AMC in various ways, emphasizing that their collective efforts will pave the way for a brighter future for women and children. Additionally, Mr. Molliqaj expressed gratitude to his current and former colleagues, particularly the women who showcased exceptional professionalism and passion, driving AMC’s success forward. He specifically recognized Mrika Aliu for her invaluable contributions to the organization’s management and establishing a strong foundation.


During the event, Mr. Ilir Hoxha, a Board Member and Co-Founder of AMC, expressed heartfelt gratitude to contributors for their invaluable support. He highlighted key milestones and praised the unwavering dedication of the AMC team. Video messages from esteemed board members and friends of foundation further emphasized their appreciation and commitment. The speeches and videos left a lasting impact, fostering unity and pride among all involved in AMC’s remarkable journey.


Among the heartwarming moments during the evening was the presence of a grateful mother whose life had been positively impacted by AMC’s donations. With tears of joy, she shared her story of how AMC’s support and generosity had saved the lives of her twins.

Today, her children are thriving and leading healthy lives, thanks to the medicaments and medical equipment provided by AMC. Her words of gratitude resonated deeply, highlighting the remarkable impact AMC has had on countless mothers and children. Her story reaffirmed the organization’s mission and left a lasting impression on all attendees.