Bilirubinometry donated for the Neonatology Clinic

09 July 2018, Prishtina 

Action for Mothers and Children together with their partner Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo delivered the transcutaneous bilirubinometry device at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, at the Neonatology Clinic.

Transcutaneous bilirubinometry is a medical device that determines the bilirubin values in newborns, which helps to prevent hyperbilirubinemia at a lower cost, quick, painless and with no possibility of infections. Hyperbilirubinemia is one of the most common pathology at the newborns which may cause brain dysfunction in case of non-diagnosis.

“We are happy to be getting this equipment for the Neonatology Clinic since the method that we use to¬†determine the values of bilirubin is by blood, which is an invasive and often painful method for the baby. Also, by this method, infections can be transferred from babies to babies. Therefore, we are happy for the arrival of this donation that will enable the most advanced and fast method of bilirubin measurement, “Dr. Xhevdet Gojnovci, director of Neonatology Clinic in Pristina.

Raiffeisen Bank has always paid attention to the health sector, and with this collaboration with AMC it will help¬†the health system¬†and¬†provide¬†the best healthcare¬†for our children, “said Erisa Jakupi, the Communication Coordinator from Action for Mothers and Children.