All women and girls of Prizren are invited via SMS to do the PAP-Test

21 September 2018

After the Invitation campaign via SMS to do the PAP Test in the Municipality of Prishtina finished with success, today women and girls in the Prizren Municipality (21-65 years old) also got their individual invitations via SMS to do the PAP test at the Family Medicine Center in Prizren. All of this was achieved through the support of UNFPA, the Kosovo Office and the coordination of the foundation “Action for Mothers and Children”.

The free Pap tests as part of the Cervical Cancer Screening Program is continuing successfully in 2018 in municipalities of Prishtina and Prizren. The cervical cancer screening program, through Pap tests, was initially launched in 2016 and so far women from different age have done the Pap Test at the three Family Medicine Centers in Prishtina. In 2018, this program was extended to the Municipality of Prizren, where the project of free Pap tests  started in July. The purpose of screening for cervical cancer is the early detection of abnormal cervical cells in the early stages when they can easily be removed before the cancer develops.

Action for Mothers and Children is working on raising awareness for women and girls through lectures on “Prevention of Cervical Cancer,” and also by sending invitations via SMS as part of the cervical cancer screening program where women and girls are individually invited to do the Pap-test.

This program is supported by United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA (Kosovo Office), the National Board for Cancer Control, the Institute of Pathology within the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, National Institute for Public Health in Kosovo, the Ministry of Health, and the non-governmental organization Action for Mothers and Children.