Agreement signed with Solidar Suisse in Kosovo

Prishtina, 21 December 2015-

We are happy to announce that Solidar Suisse in Kosovo has extended its grant agreement to support Action for Mothers and Children. This agreement supports AMC’s efforts to help the set up of the neonatal referral system in Kosovo as well as to establish the network of Women’s Health Resource Centers. The neonatal referral system will make sure that newborns being transported from other cities to Prishtina receive the intensive standardized care and increases their chances of survival upon their arrival for more specialized care in Prishtina. The network of Centers will bring together the working staff frequently so they can exchange experiences and strengthen services of the center to better meet the needs of women.
Solidar Suisse in Kosovo and Action for Mothers and Children partner in maternal and child health programs since 2013 and we are grateful for such continuous support and fruitful partnership.