Action for Mothers and Children celebrates 6th anniversary with a new image

10 April 2019

AMC, a humanitarian foundation that has been re-established for 6 years now to fulfill its mission: to save the lives of mothers and babies in Kosovo. The goal of AMC is to save the lives of mothers and babies in Kosovo is through four program pillars: 1) Education 2) Supply 3) Research and 4) Advocacy. Today, the foundation runs 6 national programs that are improving the health system to provide a better quality of health care for mothers and children.

AMC’s achievements over years:

  • Has opened 10 Women’s Health Resource Centers for ‘Mother Classes’ where 4,000 mothers have benefited
  • The lives of 1,850 babies in Kosovo were saved thanks to Survanta medication
  • About 2,000 babies have used the Oxygen System so far
  • More than 1,500 babies have been saved using SiPAP
  • Incubators were used by more than 1,500 infants
  • The respiratory tubes and CRP have saved about 1,800 babies in the Neonatological Clinic
  • $ 107,064 worth of medical supplies were donated to the Neonatology and Pediatric Clinic
  • Medicament’s worth $ 1,737,729 were donated in cooperation with international organizations
  • For the first time, AMC implemented the Cervical Cancer Screening Program by providing Free
  • Pap-tests in the Municipality of Prishtina and Prizren
  • 5,090 women have benefited from the Cervical Screening Program from 2016
  • 500 women have benefited from this program in Prizren from 2018
  • Three social enterprises were opened -‘Teshavesha’
  • Teshavesha recycles about 25,200 kg of textile per year
  • About 940,000 euros have been raised in annual events in Kosovo, New York and Switzerland

AMC will continue to work towards fulfilling its mission, to save the lives of mothers and children in Kosovo and meet the needs of the Neonatology, Pediatrics and Gynecology Clinic under the new image that we are presenting today.