A workshop from the team of Women Health Resource Center held in Ferizaj

Prishtina, 1 July 2015-

The Family Medicine Training Center in Ferizaj and Action for Mothers and Children organised the one-day workshop on “Physical and Psychological preparation for the Birth Delivery Process,” a module taught at the Women Health Resource Centers. The workshop organised and lead by the team working at Women Health Resource Center, which was established this February in the Family Medicine Center II in Ferizaj.

In this workshop there were present the nurses and midwifes of Ferizaj coming from the Family Medicine Centers as well as home-visiting nurses for mothers and children. The participants at this workshop expressed their will to help promote the role and activities of the Women Health Resource Center in Ferizaj.

Such workshops from the team of Women Health Resource Centers will be organised frequently to help build on additional capacity for nurses and midwifes to expand the services of the Resource Centers in the future. Today’s workshop was build on theoretical and practical capacity-building session.